Creative theme's to welcome new born babies!

Creative theme's to welcome new born babies!

The joy of expecting a baby is something worth celebrating. A new life that brings with it new reasons to laugh. Fresh experiences waiting to happen. The first step. The first word. Cuteness that fills the heart. A special warmth and softness. Adorable cooing. Sweet giggles when you tickle. A big smile when you play peek-a-boo. Selfless and unconditional love that makes all those sleepless nights so worth it. Being a parent is indescribably rewarding as you watch your little one grow. And what better way to greet your new bundle of joy in this world and to mark this extraordinary life event than with a baby shower.

A baby shower is a memorable way of welcoming a new life. And you can make your baby shower for your first child or baby sprinkler (for your second, third or fourth child) even more memorable by having a fun theme complemented by charming chocolate baby shower favors, hospital chocolate boxes, and new born baby gifts delivered in London, UK.

Go for a sugar and spice theme if you have a new born girl. Combine assorted spices with sweet and luxurious chocolate favors and baby pink. For new born boys consider going traditional with a baby blue theme and delicious chocolate baby shower favors in UK.

Dare to be wild with a jungle theme featuring cute plush elephants and plants. Or bring on the fun with a playroom theme, complete with rocking horses and nursery rhymes.

Explore a travel theme with airplanes and world landmarks. Unleash your creativity through a photography theme with cameras, cool snapshots, and frames.

Embrace the cuteness with a cartoon theme featuring adorably stylized babies and songs from your favourite animated childhood shows. Get literary with a story theme that includes the cheeky appearance of a turtle, fairy boy, and other characters from fables and children’s books. Show your growing love for nature with a garden theme blossoming with flowers.

Be adventurous with a pastimes theme showcasing entertaining hobbies through trucks or ballerinas or whatever you dream your bundle of joy will love.

Share the cuddly love with a teddy bear theme because you can never have enough huggable teddies, regardless of whether it’s a girl or a boy. Or celebrate the wonders of Hot Air Balloon with a weather theme that shines with the sun, rainbows, and clouds.

All these themes are further accentuated with new born baby chocolate that comes to life with original favors and decorative touches. Especially when you can add a personalized message. They also double as unique new born baby gifts or personalized message gifts. Add personality to your baby shower with Patchi’s exclusive New Born Collection found only at boutiques or online at with fast delivery in UK!