Patchi and the Chocolate Factory!

Patchi and the Chocolate Factory!

The 21 year old intern at the Design Department felt like she had won the golden ticket, just like in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

A sweet opportunity to visit Patchi’s chocolate factory. As part of her warm welcome, she was invited to see the attention to detail and entire process from conception to chocolate making and packaging.

The moment she entered the chocolate factory, her senses were intrigued by the sights, sounds, and aromas. The bustle of people busy at work with smiles on their faces. The appetizing scents of cacao with notes of vanilla. The soft chatter. The sparklingly clean machines melting, mixing, and filling. The professional handmade touch that heightened the premium quality even more.

She spoke to one of the chocolate-makers who told her all about the innovative flavours and fillings  in addition to the process itself. “At Patchi chocolate making is an art form,” he explained. He continued enthusiastically: “A celebration of unique taste and superior production methods. As the finest chocolate host in Los Angeles, we only use the highest quality cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar, and milk. No colouring or preservatives. These premium ingredients are first mixed and refined to make the chocolate. The rich texture then undergoes the conching process to bring out its ultimate flavour and consistency and is then tempered to further enhance the overall quality. The tempered chocolate is then transformed into chocolate. Every piece is moulded to perfection and some are filled with a wide variety of enticing flavours. Each piece undergoes a quality check before being wrapped and stored under special conditions.”

Next she witnessed the talented artisans who are part of the community outreach programme artistically creating chocolate decorations, souvenirs, and gift items with their nimble fingers. Bouquets of handmade flowers and other lush decorations to best suit the moment and occasion. Coloured fabric perfectly cut, ironed, and embossed to add wonderful flair. Baskets and cases being made right before her eyes out of leather, wood, and other materials. One of the women grinned warmly and gave her the elegant fabric flower she just finished. The intern smiled back, admiring the intricate craftsmanship.

She then ventured into Patchi’s printing press. There was a spectacular array of chic paper bags, inviting chocolate boxes, attractive labelling, and more. Each item showcased the uniqueness of Patchi’s packaging and printed items. It was wonderful to see how the signature artwork designed in-house is sent to for printing, laminating, cutting, and finishing. The multiple machines were hard at work as were the experienced master printers. It was the culmination of expertise and aesthetic appeal.

When she got back to the Design Department, she discovered how the packaging is designed and fashioned with care and how the colours and textures change with the seasons, occasions, and daily mood and moments. One of the team was happy to share additional insight: “outstandingly designed packaging is a signature feature at Patchi. Each packaging design embodies savoir-faire, originality, and trend-setting inspiration. We want to create experiences though the colours, look, and feel. Distinctive looks. That’s why creativity is our heart and soul.  It’s about daring to be different and finding our muses in diverse cultures, historical eras, futuristic dreams, and the unexpected. Fine examples of this are our every-changing Christmas collection.”

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