Special Ramadan Gatherings

Special Ramadan Gatherings

Excitement and anticipation filled the home, heightened by the sounds of chatter, laughter, and bubbling pots and pans. The entire family were there from the city to enjoy a relaxing weekend Iftar in the village, surrounded by lush nature and the cool breeze. They were busy setting the table while the kids ran through the olive trees nearby. A wide array of dishes were laid out.

On a side table, they had Patchi’s exclusive Tasali/Tahani Ramadan Collection with its fantastic assortment of chocolate coated dates, coffee beans, figs, nuts, and other delights in addition to a black Patchi hamper brimming with scrumptious treats including Gourmandines box, chocolate bars, Les Délices, and chocolates. A cornucopia of flavours with wrapped premium chocolates and finely decorated chocolates. It was nearly time, just 10 more minutes.

To pass the time, the grandmother asked in a cheerful voice: “Do you remember the Ramadan series we all watched last year?” asked the mother in a cheerful voice.

“Yes,” they all answered in unison.

“Shall we play the same game that we played last year?” she asked with a big smile.

Many eager ‘yeses’ replied loud and clear. Every year, just for the laugh, at the end of each episode of the Ramadan series they were watching together, the family members would guess what would happen in the next episode. The results were hilarious and amusing. From the fantastical to the romantic, from the sad to the uplifting. It was a chance to bond and to enjoy their Ramadan gatherings even more.

It was finally time! They all wished their family overseas were here to enjoy this heart-warming reunion that hosts three generations.

Overseas, joy was in the air. The clatter of plates, forks, and knives mixed with conversation and chuckles. A few minutes ago, the sun had set, signalling that it was time to break the day-long fast. A sense of appreciation filled the room as the whole family were thankful for everything they had and felt true compassion for those less fortunate. They were especially grateful for the Ramadan gift box from Patchi because it reminded them of the special gatherings with their extended family back home. It was a link to the generous spirit of this blessed season. They could imagine their much loved relatives in the village now, enjoying their quick escape from the city and catching up.

The daughter looked up excitedly and asked: “so when are we inviting all our friends over for suhoor?” She was in her twenties and loved large gatherings during Ramadan.

“Hmm, let’s see. Since we’re busy with work this next, let’s aim for next week,” suggested the mother.

“Oh and that way, I have time to see if I get some traditional music to add a special touch to the night,” added the father.

“Sounds great, let’s start planning and inviting!” chimed the teenage son, who also loved sharing the spirit of this blessed time of year with others.

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