Les Feuilletines Nature Crispy Crêpes

Les Feuilletines Nature, 16 pcs, delivery in Lebanon

LBP 86,000
Tax included

15.7 x 15.7 x 4.9 cm
160 gr

What's Inside

  • Crispy Crêpes Dipped In Smooth Milk Chocolate And Individually Wrapped In 16 Pieces.
  • The Chocolate Pieces Are Elegantly Assorted In A Tin Box.
  • Weight: 160 grs
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  • The Temperature Of Your Package Is Highly Monitored To Arrive In A Perfect Condition.
  • feuilletines chocolate, feuilletines crêpes enrobed with milk chocolate (16 pcs)

  • Chocolate (cocoa butter; full cream milk powder (cow 100 %); sugar; cocoa mass; skimmed milk powder; emulsifier: soya lecithin: E322; flavoring (vanillin)). Fillings: Gianduja (hazelnut; sugar; cocoa butter; almond; milk powder); praliné (caramelized hazelnuts and milk chocolate); Nuts (almonds; hazelnuts; pistachios; walnuts); peanuts; dried fruits (raisins; dried strawberry); baking products (rice crispy; crispy crepe; biscuits; wafers); Jam (glucose syrup; apple; strawberry juice; pectin E440; sodium alginate E401; citric acid E330; trisodium citrate; tricalcium phosphate; elderberry juice; potassium sorbate E202; colors E100; E129); Cotton candy (flour; glucose syrup; sugar); Fruits in syrup: Dates (dates; glucose syrup; sugar; citric acid E330; cloves); Apricot (apricot; glucose syrup; sugar; citric acid E330); Marrons (chestnuts; vanilla pods; glucose syrup); Orange peel (sugar; glucose syrup; citric acid; orange peel); Coffee beans; Croquant (hazelnuts; pistachios; sugar); Caramel (fresh cream; sugar; butter); Truffle caramel (fresh cream; sugar; water; milk and dark chocolate). Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 70 % minimum. Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids 42 % minimum. Milk solids 29.95 % minimum. White chocolate contains cocoa solids 32 % minimum. Allergy information: This product contains Soya lecithin: E322; Milk (cow milk 100 %); Nuts (Hazelnuts; Pistachios; Almonds; Walnuts); Peanuts; Gluten; Eggs and Wheat.

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