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For every and any mood. For occasions, events, and sheer daily indulgence. Explore the generous choices and share the sensational experience.
The Wonder Of Sparkling Magic
A festive union of elegance & trend-setting style this Christmas! Experience a special sparkle with Patchi's lavish boxes of delicious chocolate specials! Share the joys of blossoming pinks, rich greens, golden shades and purest whites.
Patchi Experience
Patchi’s chocolate worlds experience is simply sensational. It’s the dynamism of contemporary luxury that shifts and flows with the seasons and trends. The celebration of each instance through flavours, textures, colours, aromas, and rustling expectation. The creation of memories. The thrill of enjoying Patchi at home and savouring the immersive vibe at our boutiques or at Patchi Cafe. It’s the Patchi you love. A melting pot of 50 years of chocolate passion and innovation.
The iconic name that pioneered the chocolate gift concept, Patchi is more than a legacy. It’s leading the way of the chocolate worlds experience. Join the evolution. Benefit from the industry know-how and power of a well-known brand.