Occasions’ Gifting

Occasions’ Gifting
A taste of happiness that shimmers, a moment that lingers. Light up the moment by sharing sparkles of happiness with Patchi’s Christmas collection. The wonder of celebration and generosity.
Specially crafted to accompany you through Iftar, Sohour, and Eid gatherings, our Ramadan exclusive Collection is filled with chocolate delicacies adorned with radiant colors and elegant patterns. It's an invitation for everyone to feel the warmth of love, the joy of giving, and the strength of unity, which all define these sacred times.
Celebrate the one who makes your heart beats faster, acknowledge the one who makes your face radiate with happiness, and honor the soul that lights up your life with Patchi’s Valentine’s Day collection. An intimate journey into a world where design and exquisite chocolates convey the essence of pure love.
Mother's Day
Celebrate the queen of sleepless nights, endless sacrifices, and boundless love. Explore Patchi’s Mother’s Day collection, an intimate journey into a world where design and exquisite chocolates express affection and appreciation.
Father's Day
Fatherly celebrations featuring delicious chocolates in thematic tie boxes from our special Father’s Day collection. Express utmost gratitude for the strongest and kindest man in your life.
Embrace the season of new beginnings with Patchi’s Easter collection, bursting with life and exquisite taste of chocolate, infusing hope, love, and joy with every item, and transforming every moment into a radiant celebration.
Teachers change the world, one student at a time! Patchi’s Teacher Day 2023 collection is an expression of gratitude painted with luscious chocolates and delightful designs
Greeting the year of the Rabbit with lively colors & rich chocolates! May this year bring you joy, prosperity and delicious chocolates bites of luck with our splendid Chinese New Year collection
To the woman you admire: Be Her. A tribute to all the women who have paved the way for a better future. Honor their strength and kindness with our striking Women’s Day collection.
A world of spookiness and sweetness awaits, where every bite is a bewitching delight with Patchi’s Halloween collection
Make Diwali truly golden with Patchi’s splendid chocolate gifts, illuminating your celebrations with every delicious bite.
Unfolding peaceful and heartfelt connections as you welcome the blessings of this blissful spring with prosperous chocolate celebrations from our special Novrouz collection