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Showing 9 articles
Patchi’s Chocolate Passion: Behind the Scenes
An invitation to awaken all 5 senses through an explosion of tastes, burst of aromas, eruption of textures, tease of visual temptation, and rustle of unwrapping anticipation.
New togetherness
Sharing stories and delectable chocolate during iftars and souhours
A new beginning
Modern luxury Easter gifts that appealed to all 5 senses and were an experience.
Eternally Youthful Bonding Love….
Gorgeous Valentine’s chocolate box selection, heart shaped chocolate box options, and other chocolate Valentine delights with beautiful design, premium taste, and trend setting distinction.
Ramadan 2021: Special Ramadan Gatherings
Chocolate gifts that bring back the Hispano-Moresque period of Al-Andalus through design inspired by traditional mosaic Zellige tiles with dazzling blues and striking reds!
Hot And Sweet Experiences
Treat yourself to the full experience exclusively at Patchi’s new retail concept boutiques in Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon (ABC Verdun). Pamper yourself with premium hot chocolate at home.
The Flavours of Innovation
Smooth chocolate and magical blend of fillings, creams, biscuit, jams, coffee, nuts and more
Getting Down to the Business of Gifting!
The perfect moment to host the spirit of gratitude and collaboration. And the ideal chance to build and maintain positive business ties internally and externally.
From Our Heart To Yours: A Christmas Chocolate Journey