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Patchi’s Chocolate Passion: Behind the Scenes

Patchi’s Chocolate Passion: Behind the Scenes
An invitation to awaken all 5 senses through an explosion of tastes, burst of aromas, eruption of textures, tease of visual temptation, and rustle of unwrapping anticipation.
Patchi’s Chocolate Passion: Behind the Scenes
People who love to travel and individuals who reside in or visit the Middle East instantly recognize Patchi’s logo. And this is not simply because Patchi is a well-known luxury chocolate brand with heritage and artisanal roots. This is because Patchi is a full-blown chocolate worlds experience. An invitation to awaken all 5 senses through an explosion of tastes, burst of aromas, eruption of textures, tease of visual temptation, and rustle of unwrapping anticipation. The creators of the chocolate gift concept in 1974, Patchi has since built a reputation for being “the world’s finest chocolate host” because of how the brand makes every day special and transforms celebrations and seasonal events into shared experiences and long-lasting memories. And it does this through chocolate: the brand’s soul. Here’s a glimpse at Patchi’s chocolate passion behind the scenes.

The Secret is in the Ingredients and Innovation

Made from the finest fair-trade ingredients, pure cacao mass, and without a single trace of colourings or preservatives, Patchi’s premium chocolate comes in more than 55 flavours and fillings. Each chocolate tells a story and has personality. Intense dark. Smooth milk. Silky white. Chocolate with no added sugar for the health conscious. Nuts. Fruits. Spices. Timeless classics like praline and gianduja. Contemporary creations with yuzu, combova, and raspberry. And yet everything is a delicious expression of Patchi’s signature, regardless of whether it is unwrapped chocolates, decorated wrapped chocolates, gift boxes, gift arrangements, Patchino Kids line, or chocolate bars.

The Difference is in the Chefmanship

This is because of the chefmanship. The chefs innovate with recipes created exclusively for Patchi. This results in the sensational taste that changes and evolves with the seasons and trends. It culminates in a celebration of each instance and different moods through mouth-watering discoveries.

The Magic Happens at the Factory

All the chocolate and everything else is made in-house, from A to Z, at the factory which features an atelier and printing house. This savoir-faire culminates in offerings and experiences that can only be Patchi. The factory is a dynamic centre of creation. This is where the chefs experiment. Decorative items in lace, velvet, and silk are handmade by artisans. Boxes, packaging, and bags in a rich palette of colours take shape with stunning design in every cut, fold, and embellishment. Dazzling silverware (ISO-9001-2008) is welded and polished. In other words, it’s the meeting point of chefmanship, craftsmanship, and precision. And most importantly, it’s a safe work environment with measures and initiatives that guarantee minimal environmental impact, high quality, and flexible work arrangements that promote the inclusion of women.

The HeartMade Philosophy

Patchi’s HeartMade philosophy is all about you. It guides how Patchi puts its heart in everything it does so you can express feelings, enjoy moments, and make memories. The brand’s chefmanship, savoir-faire, and legacy bring this to life with youthful passion and creativity.

The Unwrapped Conclusion

It’s no wonder Patchi is so well-known throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. The brand can be found at high-profile venues like Harrods in London, numerous department stores, and many airports duty free areas. With more than 200 boutiques worldwide and online shops with convenient delivery in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, KSA, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, UK, and US, Patchi’s chocolate is luxury that’s always within reach.