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A new beginning

A new beginning
Modern luxury Easter gifts that appealed to all 5 senses and were an experience.
A new beginning

They had only been married for 2 months and this was the first time they were hosting the entire family for Easter Day lunch. It was the first time they were getting back to a normal social life in fact! Even their relationship had started in unusual times. The newlyweds met at a dinner party in February 2020, back when life was normal. Just a couple of weeks later everything changed and given what was happening all over the world, they couldn’t meet up in person often and had fallen in love over daily video calls and long walks whenever they got the chance. So this lunch gathering felt like a rebirth. A new beginning of many joyous events bringing both their families together as one. And they wanted the 2022 Easter celebrations to be extra special and different.

They were discussing the menu, easter egg coloring, egg hunt, easter games, and other easter activities for the big day when he brought up wanting guests to leave with something to remember. Modern luxury easter gifts that appealed to all 5 senses and were an experience. She suddenly exclaimed, “Oh! The Patchi chocolate boxes you used to send me when we were dating were incredibly memorable. They made me feel a special connection to you, transformed my mood, and really were sensational from the taste to the look. Let’s check out Patchi’s online shop.”

He smiled, nodding in agreement as he started browsing the Easter Collection on his phone. She cuddled close so she could see the screen. Both their faces lit up with excitement as the screen glowed with easter gifts and easter baskets. It was a celebration of premium quality easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, easter candy, easter chocolate, and mini chocolate eggs. A spring of trendy and fresh easter gift ideas with baby blue shades, pistachio green hues, sunny yellows tints, rabbit ear detailing, and lush leaf motifs. It was so easy to have easter baskets delivered to family members who couldn’t attend the lunch and to benefit from easter eggs delivery straight to their home since Patchi’s online shops offer fast delivery across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Lebanon.

“Simply perfect,” he said warmly, “I especially love this fantastic chocolate egg with colourful splashes and the chocolate bar you can break with a hammer.”
“Me too! I also love the stylish design of all the packaging, this fun chocolate bunny, and cute chocolate chick. The whole collection captures the sweet blessings of this season. Everyone in our families will adore these, young and old. I’m so happy we get to share Easter together this year…even with those who live overseas.”
“Yes…and I’m looking forward to so many firsts with you, just like this first family lunch for easter. And many new beginnings guided by the power of love and faith,” he added while he hugged her.