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New togetherness

New togetherness
Sharing stories and delectable chocolate during iftars and souhours
It was her first Ramadan alone, far from family and friends. Far from the warm laughter that resounded during gatherings with the people that matter. Far from loved ones exchanging thoughts and sharing stories during iftars and souhours. She recently moved overseas for work after a stressful year full of ups and downs and found herself in an unfamiliar city surrounded by strangers. It was difficult and lonely. She wanted to feel a connection with home. To share moments with family and friends. To express the giving spirit of generosity this blessed season.

She called her parents and their chat brought happy tears to her eyes and fond memories of nights with Ramadan chocolate gifts, Ramadan chocolate boxes, and Ramadan chocolate arrangements from Patchi. That’s when the inspiration hit! She grabbed her laptop and started shopping online on Patchi’s e-commerce platform. Her screen light up with Ramadan gift box ideas and Ramadan gift basket ideas with traditional arabesque patterns reimagined with contemporary flair and a trendy narrative of stylized cityscapes glowing with fascinating elements of Islamic architecture. It was a rush of Ramadan gifts, iftar hampers, and even Ramadan corporate gifts in cool cyan, lush teal, golden yellow, rusty orange, and other vibrant shades.

She ordered a Gourmandine box for her cousin, a Prestige box for her parents, a Lantern box for her best friend, a lovely household accessory from the At Home line for her aunt, a chocolate gift arrangement for the supportive team she used to work with, a special arrangement for her grandparents, a gift from the Small Ideas range for her brother, and chocolate bars for her nephews. She also ordered one of each for herself, making sure she included the delectable chocolate coated dates, coffee beans, figs, and nuts from the Tasali Ramadan Collection and Patchi’s sumptuously authentic macarons. It was so easy since Patchi’s online shops offer fast delivery across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Lebanon.

Every evening, right after the iftar, she scheduled a video call with a different family member or friend or dear old work colleague. They would enjoy the same chocolates from the same boxes as they conversed, reminiscing, and sharing their latest news. This made her feel as if they were together. Having the same experiences. Seeing the same marvellous packaging. Tasting the same phenomenal flavours. Hearing the same rustle of the wrapping. Feeling the same smooth texture of the boxes. Smelling the same invitingly sweet chocolate aromas. She didn’t feel alone anymore. She felt togetherness, connection, and empathy. She was making new memories while reliving good times from the past. It was a beautiful reminder that home is where the heart is, and that life is full of colourful blessings even during uncertain and challenging times.