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The Flavours of Innovation

The Flavours of Innovation
Smooth chocolate and magical blend of fillings, creams, biscuit, jams, coffee, nuts and more
The Flavours of Innovation
This morning, like every weekday morning, the 60 year old chocolate-maker woke up thrilled about what the day might bring.

He had been at Patchi since the brand launched in 1974 and loved experimenting with new ingredients and fillings. Over the years he and his team of fellow chocolate-makers had perfected each chocolate gem, carefully pairing flavours to create signature classics everyone loved in addition to exclusive fillings found nowhere else.

He was happy to be part of decades of innovation and the growth from a local brand to a regional favourite and global success. His life revolved around gourmet chocolate, artisan chocolate, and handmade chocolate. After all, to him, Patchi has always been more than just a chocolate shop or a chocolatier in Lebanon. More than unique chocolate gifts. It is an experience. A chance to cherish moments. It truly is the finest chocolate host. And this belief has shaped his creative approach to chocolate fillings and flavours since he was a young man beginning his journey at Patchi.

Now grey haired and molded by experienced, he still loved to keep things new and exciting. He still keeps this eye on international trends and tries different recipes and ingredients until he strikes gold by adding a special Patchi touch. When one recipe isn’t as heavenly as it could be, he patiently explores different possibilities, one by one. Changing one little ingredient here, adding more flavour there, and even daring to unite surprising tastes and textures.

This is how he maintained the high quality and luxurious texture of the timeless classics that are always much-loved best sellers such as Délicat with its crispy wafer layers and subtle nut filling and Craquante with its special blend of premium chocolate and hazelnut croquant. It is also the secret behind the modern favourites such as cheesecake Braise with its indulgent filling made of yoghurt cream, biscuits, and strawberry jam and Les Domes De Patchi with their wonderfully fruity yuzu, blueberry, pomegranate, and raspberry fillings. It is even the magic behind the new exclusive flavours created such as Plenitude with its smooth chocolate and magical blend of raspberry cream and a touch of lemon.

Today was going to be yet another day of innovating and chocolate-making creativity for him. And every day can be an original experience with chocolate at Patchi boutiques and online at patchi.com with fast delivery all over Lebanon Enjoy a unique selection that innovatively adds flavour to every moment.