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Hot And Sweet Experiences

Hot And Sweet Experiences
“When are you visiting Beirut? I miss our wonderful afternoons at Patchi’s new retail concept when you’re in town! I always order the dark and milk chocolate hot chocolate to relish that smooth combination and you the dark chocolate hot chocolate for that wonderful intensity. Your best friend and mine always indulge in the chocolate gianduja hot chocolate for that nutty creamy satisfaction and chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate for a touch a sweet spiciness,” Rima chuckled. She was chilling on a plush sofa in her living room while on a video call with a dear old friend.
Samia laughed, “I actually have a confession to make. I’ve been having my hot chocolates here in Saudi Arabia at Patchi’s new retail concept in Riyadh and Jeddah! Everything is the same, from the remarkable taste to the eye-catching presentation! My youngest never says no to ‘choco hot’ as he adorably calls it, while my eldest loves ‘macaroons French’. I must admit that Patchi has the best macarons. Even I can’t resist the choice of fresh macaroons. I have a soft spot for the caramel macaron, raspberry macaron, pistachio macaron, and praline macaron.” She had a big mischievous smile on her face as she sat on a giant bean bag near a massive bookshelf.
“That’s so naughty of you! I thought this was our exclusive experience,” joked Rima. “In that case, I have a confession to make too! Remember you had your eye on the chocolate cakes and desserts on the menu and wanted to try Cabosse chocolate dessert and Intense chocolate dessert? Well, I tried them all with the extended family recently and they are incredible! Each has unique tastes and textures! I also brought a selection of unwrapped chocolates from the counter, including some of your favourites: Bao with its fragrant Earl Grey tea flavour, hotly satisfying Pimento, nutty Dark Rock, and tangy Raspberry Mini Cup mignardises.”
“Oh, how could you do that without me!? Well I beat you to something too! I bought many of our friends from our university days Patchi’s hot chocolate kits online! So now the old gang living in the US, Canada, UK, KSA, and Lebanon can have the same hot chocolate experience at home,” said Samia with glee.
“Hah! Great minds think alike,” exclaimed Rima. “I love buying Patchi’s hot chocolate kit from Patchi’s online shop and boutiques. It’s a great little gift and also is a delicious way to celebrate your day! It’s so much better than the regular drinking chocolate. It really is premium chocolate. At home, I make hot chocolate with different twists each time, like ginger.”
Treat yourself to the full experience exclusively at Patchi’s new retail concept boutiques in Riyadh (The Zone and Hamra Mall), Jeddah (Le Prestige Mall), and Lebanon (ABC Verdun). Pamper yourself with premium hot chocolate at home. Buy a hot chocolate kit from your nearest Patchi boutique in Lebanon or order a hot chocolate kit from Patchi online and have it delivered straight to your door anywhere in Lebanon, KSA, the US, Canada and UK.