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Ramadan 2021: Special Ramadan Gatherings

Ramadan 2021: Special Ramadan Gatherings
Relive the past while anticipating the future

“Ramadan is different again this year,” he said with a sigh as he sat on the large sofa. “It’s not the same without the large family gatherings, suhoor with friends, and office iftars.”
“Well, we can find a way to make this blessed season feel special while staying safe, being considerate to others, and giving,” she replied with a smile, turning her eyes away from the dramatic series they were watching on TV.
“I have an idea! Let’s bring the past to the present and share this experience with the people we care about,” she continued.
“How will we do that?” he asked with interest.
“Through something that will make us all feel closer even if we’re apart. Something that goes beyond traditional Ramadan gifts and iftar hampers. No cliched Ramadan gift box ideas or Ramadan gift basket ideas. Let’s think about something unique and trendy. What would be great Ramadan gifts for friends, family, neighbours, and kids? And could even make chic Ramadan corporate gifts? Something stylish and elegant yet nostalgic,” she answered excitedly.
“I know! What about Ramadan chocolates from a brand we have celebrated countless years with? A brand with chocolate gifts that bring back the Hispano-Moresque period of Al-Andalus through design inspired by traditional mosaic Zellige tiles with dazzling blues and striking reds! An aesthetic influenced by history and heritage while being very contemporary, meaning the design bridges the past to the present. A brand known for premium chocolate with a marvellous variety of flavours and fillings. The refined taste that can awaken memories of the past in the present because of all the years it was part of our Ramadan nights and Eid el-Fitr celebrations,” he eagerly exclaimed.
“Yes, Patchi of course! We can go to our nearest boutique tomorrow or can buy Ramadan gifts online through Patchi’s website. There’s plenty of choice and since the chocolate gift boxes can be delivered anywhere in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the USA, the UK, and Canada, we can easily share the generous spirit of the season with those we love and always think of. These heartfelt presents will help us all enjoy the moment. Feel a special bond during iftar and suhoor. They’d be a reminder of all the good times we had together. A gesture that encourages us today to relive the happiness of the past and all the unforgettable gatherings. The chitchat and laughter! And the genuine anticipation for all the fabulous moments and gatherings we will be able to have together again in the future. Something that says Ramadan Muburak,” she warmly spoke.