Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting
Select your business gifts from our world of offerings.
Strengthen relationships with clients and business partners with Patchi’s vast selection of chocolate gifts from our Gourmandines collection, gift boxes, and gift arrangements. Appeal to their senses. Highlight key moments. Express generosity. Share successes. Whether you need an everyday gift or something special for the holidays, our wide range of products ensure you’ll find the right selection for your corporate gifting. Trendy yet chic designs. A wealth of flavours. A variety of sizes and weights.
Regardless of the industry you operate in, the size of your business, and your customer base, there are plenty of suitable corporate gifts available from Patchi’s offerings.

corporate gifting
corporate gifting
Our chocolate. Your branding.
Let your organisation stand out with your own brand on full display. Make the right impression with our savoir-faire and signature quality, reimagined in your corporate colours and identity. Patchi offers the sweetest luxury branding experience with every packaging element meticulously tailored from the stickers to the ribbons and boxes. Handmade decorations, customised wrapping and packaging, and true craftsmanship meet your choice of Patchi’s premium chocolates from our vast range of flavours, fillings, and offerings. Ideal for giveaways, clients, executives, business partners, and brand building.

Leave a professional impact with chocolate gifts customized with your logo and branding. Stand out during special occasions like your company's anniversary. Celebrate the holiday season or any corporate celebration. For more information, have a conversation with one of our corporate sales specialists.

Can you share the names of some corporate clients Patchi makes custom chocolate for?

Absolutely! Patchi personalizes chocolates and chocolate gifts for many corporate clients around the world. Here are some of the names:

• Hotels: Four Seasons, Atlantis, Fairmont, Mandarin Oriental, MGM Grand, Wisdom Tree, The Dorchester

• Fashion: Cartier, BVLGARI, Coach

• Cars: Bentley, Lexus, Mercedes, GMC

• Airlines: Saudi Airlines, Oman Airlines, MEA, Starlux

• Other brands: DHL, Dubai Aquarium, Holcim, Caribu

How long does it take to make custom chocolates? What's the turnaround time when I place an order?
Satisfaction matters. While we aim to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, we never compromise on quality. The time it takes to deliver an order of custom chocolates depends on the volume of the order, but it usually takes up to 1 month. 
Do you ship chocolates even during the summer when the weather is extremely hot?
Yes, we do. And we take measures to ensure the chocolate arrives in perfect condition. After all, chocolate is an experience worth sharing all seasons.
Can I reorder my custom chocolates?
Of course. And because we take extra care of our corporate clients, we keep detailed records of past orders so reordering is a fast and easy process.
Do you offer discounts for corporate clients?
It depends on the volume of the order, but in general we offer discounted pricing. It’s part of our spirit of generosity.
Is there a minimum order quantity for custom chocolates? What about a maximum order quantity for custom chocolates?
Because custom chocolates are made especially for your brand, the minimum order is 100 boxes. There is no maximum though. The sky is the limit!