1,230g Chocolates - Wonderful Chocolates Glass Centerpiece

1,230g Chocolates - Wonderful  Chocolates Glass Centerpiece

LBP 770,000
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19 x 6 x 30 cm
1230 gr
    • This beautiful centerpiece features the colorful silver and lilac chocolate pieces decorated with trendy flowers motifs.
    • A selection of milk chocolates and dark chocolates all assorted in this centerpiece with bright ornaments.
    • Our exquisite seasonal chocolate gifts collection dazzles any celebration on a bright note.
    • Buying Patchi is more than a simple shopping choice. It's an experience to indulge in.
    • Your package will arrive in perfect condition with our shipping system monitoring the temperatures.  

  • Chocolate (cocoa butter; full milk powder; sugar; cocoa mass; skimmed milk powder; emulsifier (soy lecithin; E322); flavoring (vanillin); nuts (almonds; hazelnuts; pistachios; walnuts); peanuts; dried fruits (raisins; orange; strawberry; dates; apricot); butter biscuit; amaretto biscuit; cereal biscuit; hazelnut and dark wafer; crispy crepe; crisped rice; coffee beans; caramel (fresh cream; glucose; sugar); speculoos cream; croquant. This product contains milk; soya; gluten from wheat and barley; nuts (hazelnuts; almonds; pistachios; walnuts) and peanuts. It may contain traces of sesame and eggs.×

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