Select Gift Boxes

Select your box and share the spirit of generosity. The art of gifting knows no bounds at Patchi.
Les Fantaisies Carrées
Small box with striking modern design filled with a fantasy of milk, dark and white Amandine chocolates
Les Fantaisies Carrées
Medium box with striking modern design unveiling a fantasy of milk, dark and white Amandine chocolates
Entre Deux
Black and white box that elegantly opens out to reveal plain milk and dark chocolates
Écrin de Patchi
Large square box revealing an exclusive selection of premium chocolates
Medium box with a remarkable contemporary design unveiling a selection of premium chocolates
Pause Café
Elegant box with stimulating coffee-infused milk and dark chocolate pieces
Le Coffret Delice
Trendy box revealing a generous mix of premium chocolates
Le Coffret Plaisir
Colorful box that includes a generous selection of Marquise, Légére, Coffret and Carmen chocolate flavors
Le Coffret Raffiné
Enticing chocolate box with a variety of Raffiné, Coffret and Carmen pieces
Le Coffret Marquise
An attractive box with an elegant selection of Marquise flavors
Le Coffret Craquant
A stylish box showcasing a generous selection of premium chocolate
Le Coffret Gourmand
Striking blue box with an exciting assortment of premium chocolate
La Menthe Noir
Small box revealing monogram wrapped mint chocolate freshness
Les Saveurs de Patchi
Stylish box with striking multicolored trim unveiling an assortment of chocolate bars infused with fruits
Les Épices de Patchi
Box uncovering chocolates infused with spices: ginger, pink peppercorns, red chilly and a mix of 4 spices
Les Caramels
Striking box revealing a tantalizing assortment of caramels
Les Orangettes
Small box with modern design bursting with zesty orange strips covered in dark chocolate
Crêpes aux Fraises
Small box unveiling our signature crepes infused with a subtle strawberry flavor coated with dark chocolate
Crêpes aux Oranges
Box of crunchy crepes coated with intense dark chocolate and infused with a subtle orange flavor
Le Cube Perfetto
Large box with five layers of wrapped Perfetto chocolates
Le Cube Praliné
Large box with five layers of wrapped Praliné Lait chocolates
Les Noirs de Patchi
Modern box presenting a rich variety of dark chocolate intensities
La Texture Patchi
Leather box with signature design presenting a fine display of assorted chocolates
La Palette Patchi
Small box with two drawers of Capricio and Prestige signature pieces forming a chocolate palette
Les Boîtes en Métal– Croquet
Square tin Box with clear window displaying Croquet chocolate indulgence
La Boîte à Cigars
Black box embracing the classy elegance of 6 finely wrapped chocolate cigars
Small tin box with clear side window revealing the surprising charm of Légère chocolates
Les Boîtes en Métal – Gourmandines Loukoum
Square tin box unveiling delightful pieces of loukoum with biscuits coated in milk chocolate smoothness
Les Lingôts
Transparent box revealing 12 bars of golden satisfaction
Série Carrée de Patchi
Square box unveiling an assortment of premium chocolates