Ramadan 2014: Unique Blessings

27 June 2014
Patchi showcases outstanding creativity yet again with its Ramadan & Fitr 2014 collection.

Patchi has just launched its highly anticipated 2014 Ramadan & Fitr collection complete with a vast array of decorated and Tasali chocolates. This year the collection is inspired by Arabic calligraphy and Arabesque motifs and shapes. Each item in this outstanding collection is a celebration of timeless tradition with an eye catching twist of modern flair and 'heartmade' richness. The Arabesque influence comes together with ultra trendy gold, silver, copper, yellow and peach colours to create a design aesthetic that seamlessly merges authenticity with contemporary chic and excellence. 

This distinguished collection is what discerning people have come to expect from Patchi, the internationally renowned chocolate gift destination. Each gift from this collection is a symbol of caring, sharing and generosity. A chance to share the spirit of Ramadan, the holiest month of the year, with family, friends and business partners in a distinctive way.

The selection is large and diverse. Choose from crystal and glass decorated chocolate arrangements to large silver jardinières and leather trays filled with assorted decorated chocolate in attractive copper, coral and peach tones and crowned with hand-made flowers and mirror accessories. Select one of the boxes filled with copper and silver wrapped chocolate or boxes with unwrapped Tasali chocolates (a much loved Patchi Ramadan specialty with dried fruits and nuts fillings). Or opt for boxes with vases and bowls filled with decorated chocolate. All these are ideal gifts that add a special touch to this Ramadan season.

In addition to all-time favorites such as the Gourmandine, Office Chic, and Small Ideas, Big Impact collections, the Limited Edition Selection is back following its great success in 2013. Only this year, the Selection has an even more elaborate variety of extraordinary arrangements and pieces. And always innovating, Patchi brings you a new Ramadan line that embodies elegance and uniqueness: the Chocolate Marvels Collection. The range boasts an opulent variety of gift boxes that harmoniously unite a beautifully designed chocolate arrangement embellished with Ramadan inspired chocolate decoration. 

Patchi’s personalized, handmade flair goes beyond the wide variety of ready made boxes and arrangements. This year again, Patchi offers customized corporate boxes that meet your specific branding requirements.

A gift from Patchi has special significance during this season. Especially since Ramadan is a time for giving to others, including family, friends and business associates. It’s a blessed month full of quality time shared at Iftars and Sohours.