Patchi Illuminates the Heart of Beirut

01 December 2014
Patchi Lights its Tree of Moving Light!
Always innovative and creative, Patchi and for the second year in a row is celebrating the generous spirit of Christmas and New Year by having a majestic Christmas Tree set up in the heart of its home city, Beirut. 
The Tree of Moving Light rises high at the Ajami Square in Beirut Souks, facing major restaurants and coffee shops and features incredible lights projecting an animation. The 15-meter Tree is crafted from eco-friendly materials and is a potent tribute to creativity and grandeur that everyone can enjoy. This magnificent Tree goes hand in hand with Patchi’s “Heartmade” nature and opulent selection of chocolate gift items that make each day a joyous celebration and each season outstanding! The Tree of Moving Light is Patchi’s way of reaching out to our Lebanese community that has helped make our brand the number one chocolate destination in the Middle East. It springs from the heart and evokes joy. Patchi embodies the art of gifting and handmade savoir-faire to transform each gift into a special and meaningful statement. And the Tree of Moving Light is no exception!