Patchi UAE celebrates Burj Khalifa 5 Year Anniversary in Style

05 January 2015
Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, ‘A Living Wonder’ located in the heart of Dubai and standing tall at 829.8m, is celebrating 5 years of pioneering this January.
Other than being a worldwide attraction due to its design, structure, hotels, park and Dubai Mall, the tower is a significance of the Emirati pride and is the landmark that helped in shifting the identity of the UAE from an oil and gas country to an international touristic destination. In line with this dear celebration, Patchi UAE created a special customized chocolate boxes line comprising 9,000 boxes, carrying all Burj Khalifa elements which were offered to its visitors on the 6 and 5th of January. Visitors were so happy with this unexpected selective gift and rejoiced in the moment with Patchi.

Wishing Burj Khalifa management and Dubai government a Happy 5 Year Anniversary.