Patchi’s New 2015 Gourmandines Collection: Outstanding Creativity

15 May 2015
Patchi is always full of surprises and delectable innovation. The creator of the chocolate gift concept hasn’t stopped pushing boundaries. And the new 2015 Gourmandines flavours and boxes are proof of this.
The latest additions to the already impressive Gourmandines line are brimming with sumptuous fillings and exquisite taste.The new varieties embody the essence of rich choice.

Palet Aux Perles De Chocolat (cookies with chocolate chip) and assorted biscuits coated with dark and milk chocolate introduce a memorable crunch. Special creations such as Larme Anis Vert (tear drop candy with aniseed) and Larmes Passion (tear drop candy with orange blossom) add a unique twist. Plaisir Exquis (dark chocolate strawberry crepes and dark chocolate orange crepes) bring crisp delight. A premium assortment of dark chocolates (55%, 70% and 80% cacao), Noirs De Patchi, celebrate the pleasures of intensity. Each new variety is presented in an elegant box with Patchi’s signature attention to design.

The new flavours are truly original and unique. This lives up to Patchi’s reputation for only offering the best. The additions, alongside the rest of the vast Gourmandines line, seamlessly merge convenience with elegance. They are readily available at all Patchi boutiques and are pre-packed in eye catching tin and carton boxes.