Gifts Arrangements

The height of generosity and uniqueness, our elegant arrangements embody true refinement and exclusivity. A symphony of crystal, silver, glass and porcelain brimming with premium chocolate creations. Unique, innovative and made-to-measure, our arrangements are precious chocolate gifts that celebrate l'art de vivre.
Pretty Glass Bowl
filled with silver wrapped and blue decorated premium chocolates.
Special Chocolate Centerpiece
Celebrate any occasion with this glass centerpiece boasting a selection of beautifully decorated premium chocolates.
Unique Glass Bowl
offering an assortment of premium chocolates perfectly decorated for any celebration.
Exceptional Glass Vase
filled with premium decorated chocolates.
Stylish Glass Centerpiece
offering a beautiful selection of premium chocolates in blue and green colors.
Elegant Silver Centerpiece
revealing a chic selection of premium decorated chocolates.
Significant Glass Centerpiece
filled with premium decorated chocolates, perfect for any occasion.
Charming Gift Arrangement
revealing a variety of exceptional decorated chocolates.
Classy Glass Centerpiece With Silver Rim
A classy centerpiece with our signature chocolates is bound to impress.
Impressive Glass Centerpiece
with a beautiful collection of our signature chocolates.
Trendy Glass Centerpiece
Present this trendy colored glass centerpiece that reveals an elegant assortment of premium decorated chocolates.
Beautiful Glass Bowl
A perfect gift for someone you love; a special glass bowl boasting an assortment of premium decorated chocolates.
Notable Ceramic Centerpiece
offering a collection of premium chocolates in silver and blue.
Distinctive Glass Bowl
Offer a distinctive glass bowl revealing a variety of exceptional chocolates.
Gorgeous Glass Centerpiece
revealing a selection of premium chocolates crowned with decorated chocolates.