A Distinctive Christmas Collection that Pops with Style

15 November 2015
A bright Christmas collection with sparkling shades is here!
This December Patchi reinterprets the spirit of Christmas by stepping away from traditional tones and embracing vibrant colours, pop art designs, mini-characters and dazzling impact. Every detail celebrates the season in a style that embodies the 21st Century. The elegantly trendy look and feel of the collection is coupled with a vast selection of premium chocolate and an opulent variety of outstanding gifts. 
The famous Gourmandines line with its signature boxes make a statement with their  beautiful designs, snowy icicles motif and choice of delights from the seasonally awaited truffle collection to timeless marron glace, a chocolate fondue kit and a long list of chocolate delicacies and cookies. The rich variety provides discerning people with the perfect gifts. 
The Gift Collection is an entire universe of choice with gift boxes galore:from the limited edition Les Sapins de Patchi to ideal corporate presents, gifts that celebrate sharing, items that highlight hospitality, gorgeous decorative elements and more. In addition to the incredible selection of gift boxes, Patchi also boasts a wondrous chocolate gift arrangements’ line with a lavish choice of different chocolates and accessories that appeal to the senses.Since Christmas is cherished by all, especially kids and adults who are young at heart, Patchi’s much loved Santa’s Collection is back with a fun variety of cute Christmas gifts. Each item is playfully beautiful and adorably generous.
Yet again Patchi is a trendsetter. The collection is fresh, bold and eye-catching. Each gift showcases Patchi’s “Heartmade” essence, innovative spirit and contemporary elegance.