Celebrate Valentine's Day with True Passion

14 February 2014
Patchi brings its renowned passion for exceptional gifts to Valentine's Day.
Patchi brings its renowned passion for premium quality, exceptional gifts and handmade elegance to Valentine's Day. This year the Maison takes elements traditionally associated with this special day of love and adds a distinctive twist of warmth and trendy style. Striking red intensity combines with heart shaped chocolates, heart shaped boxes, and beautiful decorative touches to tell a tale of adoration. Each chocolate piece and box is crafted to send a message of real attraction. The 2014 Valentine's Day collection embodies the spirit of caring and generosity.

Patchi's Valentine collection stands out in its sumptuous variety. It is a rich celebration of intricately decorated chocolate pieces of different sizes, small chocolate gifts embellished with beautiful handmade red flowers, and boxes with a lovely selection of heart shaped chocolates. In addition to all this, Patchi adds an exclusive design that mirrors international fashion trends: striking red that unleashes a wild leopard motif.

The gifts in the Valentine line are perfect on their own or make the ideal companion for any other gift such as a diamond ring, beautiful pendant or perfume. Add a touch of luxury and exquisite taste with Patchi's truly romantic collection. For an extra special everlasting impression, you can even create an arrangement from the different gifts within the collection. Passion and elegance are here.