40 Years of Excellence. 40 Years of Innovating. 40 Years of Caring

01 November 2014
Patchi celebrates its 40th Anniversary by lighting its flagship in the heart of its home land, Lebanon.
A journey that Nizar Choucair, an ambitious and visionary man started back in 1974 with a dream of creating something unique and original to be later interpreted by crafting a brand that we all love and adore, Patchi. Much of the brand secrets are Nizar secrets himself; as it mirrors him in terms of its ambition, vision, competitive soul and attachment to its roots and heritage.

The brand success wasn't a coincidence, but was the result of years of hard work on a unique concept - the Chocolate Gift - that was positively welcomed from day one by numerous communities which gradually lead to expanding the brand and its retail outlets in various countries around the globe. Other than the concept, Mr. Nizar had 2 convictions; Innovation is vital, and Customer Satisfaction is the essence for a brand growth, on these 2 irreplaceable fundamentals the Patchi Empire was built.

The brand journey witnessed major pillars that are anchors in its growth, to mention some: founding Patchi Industrial factory and creating a full production network from A to Z in 1990, the launching of brand flagship at the brand home country with its unique concept and inaugurating it in 2003, identifying the brand concept of “The Ultimate Chocolate Gift Destination” in 2008,
centralizing the brand strategic planning, buying, branding, marketing and operations management at its Headquarters, and last but not least, face-lifting the brand identity by adopting an exclusive color code and a brand signature of “Heartmade” in 2012.

Now after 40 years, Patchi celebrates its 40th anniversary by actually celebrating its founder; who strived, taught, lead, and daily managed an operation that is passion and ambition driven, by lighting its flagship located on the street where his passion for chocolate emerged, where his love for trade and merchandising began and where he spent most of his adolescent years exploring and watching key traders and businesses flourishing on Weygand street.