Patchi launches its 2015 Ramadan Collection

01 June 2015
Patchi once again sets the standards for outstanding creativity with its Ramadan 2015 collection. This year the generous essence of Ramadan is showcased in many new designs and excellent varieties.
Each item in the Ramadan 2015 Collection elegantly merges modern aesthetics with traditional motifs and authentic shapes. Arabesque meets contemporary flair. A celebration of rich royal blue comes together with vibrant green and Patchi’s signature shade of green. The eye-catching influence of Cubism adds a distinctive touch. As the ultimate chocolate gift destination, Patchi brings back timeless favourites and popular gift lines in addition to new delights. The result is an outstanding selection of chocolate gifts that are ideal for family, friends, clients and business partners. The giving spirit of the holy month of Ramadan is worth sharing and Patchi’s fine selection is here for discerning people who want to rejoice in style.

The refined choice within the collection includes crystal and glass decorated chocolate arrangements, large silver jardinières, leather trays, vases, bowls and much more. Assorted decorated gold, silver and blue wrapped chocolates and unwrapped Tasali chocolates (Patchi’s highly sought after Ramadan special with dried fruits and nuts fillings) add premium delight. This year’s signature colours plus beautiful hand-made flowers and accessories adorn the entire collection. In addition to the wide array of readymade boxes and arrangements for 2015, Patchi also offers customized corporate boxes especially tailored to reflect a company’s branding.

Ramadan is a time for giving and caring. It’s a time when gifts and acts of generosity stand out. A month full of special moments with family and friends at Iftars and Suhoors. This is why Patchi always launches a vast and distinctive Ramadan collection.